About VS Forte

Optimizing your potential

Living life to the fullest is now within reach through VS Forte. VS Forte, a curated and customised range of professional regenerative therapies, was developed by a team of researchers working to create solutions for those with an active lifestyle. Following Paracelsus’s like cures like philosophy, VS Forte offers compelling natural products to boost the body’s inner potential.

A nutrient rich diet combined with a regular fitness routine does not suffice to sustain day-to-day peak physical performance. The body needs supplementation to repair and renew. Biological medicine, peptides and organ-specific solutions are the answers to regenerating the body at cellular levels and reduce the effects of physical wear and tear. VS Forte offers this possibility with a wide range of products made for those who love to be in motion.

Cold Process Enzymatic Extraction Technology

VS Forte utilizes the world’s only Cold Process Enzymatic Extraction Technology, a proprietary Swiss technology that eliminates all forms of intense heating in the extraction and processing of materials.

Cold Process Enzymatic Extraction Technology allows live materials – extracted and prepared by technical specialists in European laboratories – to be stored indefinitely, deep-frozen at minus 196° centigrade in suspended animation, and shipped by air with dry ice in refrigerated containers. The biomolecular materials can resume normal biological activity in fluid state when returned to body temperature.

Quality Product Source

All VS Forte’s products are procured from ovine and leporine species bred in pollution-free environments under dietetic organic conditions. The mammals are Europe’s finest closed colonies specially bred for over 40 generations.

General Effects

Cell Therapy is determined individually for each patient and therefore the effect varies from person to person. After the initial treatment there’s a feeling of increased vitality and well-being for a few hours or even an entire day, followed by a feeling of lassitude for a couple of days. The immunobiological reaction begins during this period. The actual regeneration phase begins in the 3rd or 4th week after treatment begins and shows as distinct enhancement of the awareness of life. This phase may last for anything between a year to several years depending on the health deficit of each individual and the age of the patient.

Contraindications to Cell Therapy: all acute infectious and inflammatory diseases; recent myocardial; decompensated organs and organ systems; hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid); kidney failure.